Mediumship Development

 Open Your Spiritual Awareness!

Earn Your Diploma in Mediumship Studies from Sacred Circle Academy

Each class will offer you the opportunity to explore and expand your spiritual journey with Spiritual Teacher and Medium Patti Stice.  Your journey is unique and highly individual. Some of you are aware of your spiritual talents and others are not. Please know that Mediumship cannot be taught but rather, you will be guided and supported through each significant class. This series is designed to open your spiritual awareness as a medium. Topics may include:

Mediumship Development Classes Include

  • Introduction to MediumshipAre you a lightworker, empath, psychic or medium? Discover the ways to advance your mediumship talents. Different types of mediums, mediumship, and the difference between a psychic and a medium.
  • What are Mediumship Ethics – Be aware the primary role in mediumship is “do no harm.”
  • The Who, What, Where, When and Why of the Spiritual World – We are spiritual beings!
  • Metaphysical VocabularyWords, people, events you really need to know!
  • All about Channeling! –  Learn the different types of channeling. Practice Time!
  • How to Begin Setting Boundaries – Review the grounding, centering, protection and aura expansion dynamics while working with clients, spirits, guides, angels, and family on the other side.
  • How to Structure a Private ReadingBefore, opening, closing and WHAT NOT TO DO!
  • The Importance of Universal LawsLaw of Oneness, Thought, Love, Abundance, Attraction, ETC!
  • Psychometry uses touch to gain information by holding an object. Practice time!
  • Raising Your Frequency –  Mantras, Decrees, Chants, Mudras, Violet Flame, etc.
  • Creating Truth Symbols & Receiving Messages  –  Increase your Awareness of Connection
  • Learn Self Mastery and Awaken the Counselor Within!  Reviewing grief counseling and basic communication skills of self mastery!

As a Nationally Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Patti has broadened her awareness of how to offer guidance and empowerment.  On her spiritual journey, she studied at Lily Dale in New York, Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary in Indiana, and Sunset Spiritualist Camp in Kansas. While studying at Lily Dale in 2009, she completed the ten-day MARI Practitioner Certification called “The Doorway into the Wonder of the Psyche.” Earn your DIPLOMA IN MEDIUMSHIP STUDIES by attending 10 mediumship classes and three Development Message Circles.  $20 for each class & $15 for the Development Message Circle.

For more information on classes and to register for a class, join the Sacred Circle for Lightworkers Meetup Group.