Psychic Tool Box


Each class is two hours long and will offer you the opportunity to learn and explore a variety of divination tools. Our desire is for you to experience many different “psychic tools” to discover which tools/talents on your spiritual path will match your soul’s passion. Finding new tools that bring joy and exhilaration will also raise your frequency.

Psychic Tool Box Classes include:

  • Numerology: What’s Your Number?
  • Stones, Crystals, and Crystal Grids
  • Are you an Earth Angel, Elemental or Fairy?
  • Pendulums and Dowsing Rods
  • Romance Palmistry Compatibility
  • Revealing the Color of Energy
  • Meeting your Angels & Archangels
  • I-Ching
  • Crystal Balls/Scrying
  • How to Read Oracle Cards
  • cardsClearing and Cleansing Your Home
  • Balancing Your Chakras
  • Meeting Your Power Animals & Totem Animals
  • Psychic Game Night & Table Tipping
  • Are you a Lightworker?
  • Are you a Starseed?
  • Ascension and The Shift
  • Candle Blessings & Flame Messages
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Spiritual Personalities
  • Kundalini
  • Astrology
  • Shaman Journey with Drumming
  • Are you an Empath?
  • Reading Tea Leaves and more!

For more information on classes and to register for a class, join the Sacred Circle for Lightworkers Meetup Group.