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Contact Patti Stice at [email protected] for more information about;
    • Classes
    • Graduation Diplomas
    • Private One-on-One sessions
    • Speaking Engagements
  • Consulting
  • Special Events
  • Spirit Fairs
  • or any Questions you may have

 Patti Stice can be reached by email to schedule private readings or individual teaching sessions. 

  • A private palm reading usually lasts more than one hour.
  • Private medium or channeling sessions to connect with Spirit for one hour.
  • Special arrangements for individual teaching sessions lasting one or two hours that are focused on the student’s desire to advance more quickly and discover their unique spiritual path can be arranged.

*Patti attends Cyndy Green’s OKC Spirit Fairs and offers a reduced FAIR rate of 20 minute reading for $30. Since her schedule at Cyndy’s Fair fills up quickly, you can always contact Patti at her email and sign up ahead of time.

For more information on classes and to register for a class, join the Sacred Circle for Lightworkers Meetup Group and follow Sacred Circle Academy on Facebook!