Student Psychic Arcade

Sacred Circle Academy

After completing the Intuitive Development Series Foundation classes and/or acknowledgment by Founder Patti Stice of Sacred Circle Academy, advanced students are selected as readers for the Psychic Arcade.  Each reader must achieve the preparation and knowledge required to be a reader in the Psychic Arcade. Each reader has completed Mediumship training classes as a DO-NO-HARM MEDIUM and are ready to take the LEAP OF FAITH and begin their professional journey in giving readings. They just need practice, practice, practice!

As you enter the Arcade, you will receive a program list of each reader and will be able to review descriptions of their intuitive services:  Tarot card reader, Oracle card reader, Angelic Seer, Flame Message Reader, Soul Journey Analyst, Numerologist, Astrologer, Runes Reader, Akashic Records Reader, Healers, and more.  This will be an amazing event of gratitude for you, each reader, their guides and angels and team members.  Come help support everyone’s JOY in connecting to SPIRIT. Door prizes, raffles, special gifts from Medium and Founder of Sacred Circle Academy Patti Stice is part of the festivities.  Please spread the word, tell your friends, invite everyone to share in this very special day.