Who is Patti Stice?

Founder Patti Stice, MHR, CRC, APPA, Certified MARI Practitioner, is a Nationally Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Certified Palmist, and medium. Her Mentor is Prof. Todd Jay Leonard, Ph.D. author of Talking to the Other Side: A History of Modern Spiritualism and Mediumship who she met in Costa Rica in 2005.  She has also  studied at Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary in Indiana, Sunset Spiritualist Camp in Kansas with Dr. Cynthia Killion, and Lily Dale in New York. While studying at Lily Dale in 2009, she completed the MARI Practitioner Certification called “The Doorway into the Wonder of the Psyche.” She completed her Master’s Degree in Human Relations with concentration in Counseling from the University of Oklahoma and later earned National and Board Certifications. She has shared with her husband their own clinic for twenty years and retired in 2010 to devote more time to her spiritual studies. For a full bio for Patti, click here.

A Message from Patti

butterflyDear Friends,
My greatest joy has been helping others on their spiritual journeys. For over 20 years I have served as a Nationally Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor helping people with mental and physical disabilities regain their lives through psychotherapy, career planning and motivation. During this period, I also continued my spiritual studies attending several weeks a year for seven years at Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary in Indiana, and the renowned Lily Dale Community in upstate New York. For four years I studied under Medium Dr. Cynthia Killion in Kansas.

Since 2007 I taught psychic development classes designed to facilitate greater understanding and develop lightworkers’ natural intuitive abilities. Classes brought like-minded spiritual seekers together to expand their personal intuition for everyday use or for advanced psychic mediumship.

I am fortunate that throughout my journey, I have acquired numerous credentials and training that I can now share with my students: Certified Palmist, Certified MARI practitioner dealing with Carl Jung’s mandala research, master’s degree majoring in counseling from the University of Oklahoma, USDL Vocational Evaluator, and Nationally Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

In 2010 I retired from being a full time counselor. Spirit blessed me with the name Sacred Circle to begin my journey in bringing Lightworkers together. I have chosen to share my knowledge in helping Lightworkers build upon the basic tools toward their spiritual growth. I am here to support and provide a nurturing path on your journey as Lightworkers.  I hope you will embrace this opportunity to develop your intuitive gifts which will enhance and support all aspects of your life.  My primary goal is to help each Lightworker in embracing their spiritual journey and raise their frequency in preparation for the New Age Shift.

[email protected]  Patti Stice

Please know that I am always available to read your emails and share feedback to help you on your spiritual journey.  I strive to answer you emails in one or two days.

♥ Many blessings in love and light, Patti Stice ♥